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January 23, 2017

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Spirit Guide Communication Practice

January 23, 2017




 Hello Beautiful Bloggers! :)


 I am going to try and help you learn and communicate with your spirit guide. Whether it be for the first time ever, or a more sensed/involved experience! We're all born with a guardian (multiple actually). Some may be loving family, others you've never known on this physical life but were placed into your life to assist. They are always there for your aid and guidance, hopefully this practice allows you to feel and communicate with them a bit easier!


 First, let me begin with how important environment is! Find yourself a calm relaxed spot (best used your bedroom!), dimmed lights help so you don't have a bright room light as a distraction. Be sure electronics are off and away! You will be working with your energy (read energy post!) so you want no interference.

Make yourself comfortable, lay or sit (with both feet on the floor, never cross legs). Clear your mind of any stress, negativity or worry of the day. Completely relax! Deep breathes through your nose, and then slowly and softly exhale out your mouth (like gently blowing out a candle).

Cleanse and protect yourself in white light from head to toe, if difficult start slowly.. start from the top of your head, picture almost as if a flashlight is shinning directly onto your head, move down to your eyes as its nearly blinding... move further to your nose and inhale the light, picture it filling your body. Cover yourself entirely in the light! Once you sense and see the light around you tell yourself (out loud or by mind) " I am light. I am love."

You will need to practice third eye control if you have not quite yet. For example seeing your toes wiggle without actually moving them, or walking while laying down on your bed.

Visualize yourself walking in a park, open, quiet, no one around. Be creative, flowers? grass? animals? Important visual, notice a lake, stream or body of water at this park or location (water is a good conductor for energy!). Sit at a visualized bench, look around notice all the detail till you nearly feel, smell, hear as if this image is real!

Boldly speak, may be silly but basically as if you're a God or Goddess, command it! (out loud or by mind) " I am in seek of my guardian. My higher self. I wish to speak to you. I wish to know you. Hear me! Come forth!"

It may happen instantly or take a moment, be patient! You can repeat as many times as you feel necessary. Each experience is a bit different, you may see a light (between your eyes like when closed a flashlight is aimed on you), may see mist/smoke like form, or possibly the spirit in physical form completely. Now that you have their presence stick with them and talk!


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